Why Your Organization Should Be Using Message Broadcast

November 17, 2022 | Stericycle Communication Solutions

In healthcare, the unexpected can happen at any time, just like bad weather. When severe weather happens, office closures can occur as a result. Can you send a message to your patients letting them know your office will be closed at a moment's notice?

From tornados in the southern states, hurricanes across Florida and the east coast, and blizzards and ice storms in Texas, inclement weather can produce dangerous conditions with little warning.  

Inclement weather can result in unsafe driving conditions, power outages, property destruction, and more. All of these are viable reasons why your patients shouldn’t attempt to make it to their scheduled medical office or hospital appointment. But how does your healthcare organization notify patients of instances like this?

Whether the information you are broadcasting is convenient or crucial, you want to reach a lot of people as quickly as possible. A message broadcast system tied into your patient and caregiver database is a fast and efficient way to keep patients informed. 

Message broadcast doesn’t just support efficiency; it also helps you engage with your patient in real-time, shows them that you know their time is valuable, and expresses the continuation of care or patient experience.

It’s no secret that patients crave a personal healthcare experience. Quick information for patients and caregivers should always be one of the main focuses of any healthcare organization. Patients want convenience with their providers and will choose accordingly, so be sure you are providing important alerts, and have a straightforward way to contact them.

When choosing a partner for patient messaging capabilities, ensure that you can notify via multiple channels, meeting patients in their channel of choice. Our self-service message broadcasting tool allows you to easily contact patients in emergencies, or with other important messages. Notifications can be sent out at a moment’s notice via voice, email, and text, increasing the chances your message will be seen in time.

With this message broadcasting tool, you can also create, test, launch, and track the performance of custom notification campaigns anytime, anywhere. And if your system gets shut down during a bad storm, our team can still track down your patient’s responses. Giving your patients the best experience by adding Broadcast Messaging to your contact center will further drive patient loyalty, increase patient engagement and satisfaction, and most importantly, keep them safe when the unexpected occurs.

Send patient communication at a moment's notice with our message broadcast solution. Learn more.

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