What I Learned From HIMSS19

March 5, 2019 | Stericycle Communication Solutions

It’s been almost a month since HIMSS19 wrapped up in Orlando, which means that most of the chaos has settled down and your body is almost recovered by now. In the four days that I was at HIMSS19, there was a lot taking place. Now that I’ve had some time to reflect and recoup, I’ve realized how great of an experience it was. Below, I’ve outlined some key takeaways from my experience at HIMSS19.

  • Wear Comfy Shoes

    This may seem like an obvious statement, but your feet won’t survive if you have uncomfortable shoes. You are on your feet constantly, whether you are an exhibitor or attendee. I wore flats and my feet were still sore at the end of each day. If you are going to take the risk and wear unsupportive or uncomfortable shoes, be sure to throw a pair of comfy ones in your bag for when your feet need a break. Trust me, shoes can make or break your HIMSS experience.
  • Explore Other Booths

    I attended HIMSS19 as an exhibitor, so I spent a lot of time in our booth talking with other attendees. But it’s important to take time to check out other booths. This not only gives you a break from your own, but it gives you the opportunity to learn what new things are happening in the health IT world, and of course, you might even get some cool swag! This was something that I found valuable as it was my first time attending; it gave me more insight and knowledge into the healthcare industry.
  • Be Prepared To Be Tired
    Leading up to HIMSS19, I expected to have long days and shorter nights of sleep. But I didn’t anticipate being as exhausted as I was. Between spending the whole day in the exhibit hall, and then dinner and sponsored events afterwards, it takes a beating on your body. The tiredness doesn’t stay at HIMSS; it follows you back home. You won’t know how tired and sore your body is until you’re back home and finally relaxing. Be prepared to allow your body recover. I recommend a weekend of absolute relaxation and sleep. This will hopefully recharge your body and prevent you from getting sick.
  • Learn From the Coworkers in Your Booth

    If you are a first-time attendee like I was, then you might not know your exact role for your booth. More than likely, your booth will have employees that are veterans at HIMSS conferences. Take this time to learn from them. Whether that’s expanding your knowledge about different aspects of your business, or learning more about the HIMSS conference, they are full of readily-available information. Don’t be afraid to pick their brains on whatever you have questions about – this is only going to make your HIMSS experience better.

There’s no doubt that HIMSS19 was chaotic and exhausting, but it was a memorable experience. For anyone that it considering going or works in the health IT field, I would highly recommend attending. I promise it’s worth it. Hopefully, these tips help prepare any first-timers for HIMSS next year and prevent any rookie mistakes from happening.

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