What I Am Looking Forward To Most As A First Time HIMSS Attendee

February 7, 2019 | Stericycle Communication Solutions

HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) Global Conference & Exhibition will be in Orlando, Florida this year – and it’s just around the corner. For those who don’t know, HIMSS is the world’s leading health information and technology conference with nearly 45,000 people in attendance each year. While many of this year’s attendees will likely be conference regulars, this will be my first time attending. Below, I’ve outlined what I am looking forward to most.

  • Gaining Knowledge On Important Healthcare Topics
    While I have a great deal of knowledge on popular healthcare industry topics, I still have plenty to learn. HIMSS19 is focused on the hot discussions taking center stage in the healthcare industry this year. Topics like patient-engagement technology, artificial intelligence, patient experiences, and patient expectations are all guaranteed to be covered. Not to mention, there will be thousands of organizations present with new, innovative ideas and projects that will be fun to scope out. I am excited to soak up this valuable information in order to better my work, and my organization.
  • Connecting With Healthcare Professionals
    Not only will this be my first HIMSS conference, but it’s also going to be my first professional conference in general. With that, I am looking forward to meeting and connecting with other professionals in the field. Fostering professional relationships are crucial to any career, so what better way to start connecting than at HIMSS19 with 45,000 other attendees? I am eager to listen and learn from the different healthcare professionals; I know they will have a great deal of advice and knowledge to provide me with. And I know that meeting them will make my HIMSS19 experience even better!
  • Showcasing Our Products and Services
    While there is so much to do and learn at HIMSS19, one of my major roles will be showcasing my organization at our booth. While there will be sales team experts present to discuss our products and services, I will focus on our social media. At HIMSS, social media interactions have a large role in the conference, especially on Twitter. Our social media strategy is fun, interactive, and fresh, so I’m looking forward to seeing how others react to it. We have some exciting new changes being released at HIMSS19, and I know that me and the rest of the team are looking forward to sharing them with you. Feel free to follow along with us at HIMSS19 via our social media.

What I love most about being a first-time HIMSS attendee is that I have no expectations. I will be able to experience everything with a fresh perspective. HIMSS19 will provide a great deal of knowledge and experience crammed into just a few short days. I’m prepared to learn a lot and to feel exhausted 24/7. If you are attending HIMSS19, feel free to stop by our booth (#3385) and see how we add heart to communications! Check out more information on our organization and services!

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