Top 10 Blogs of 2022

December 15, 2022 | Carenet Health

It’s been a big year for healthcare. COVID-19's wake has permanently altered the healthcare landscape, and providers have had to adjust their patient engagement strategies to keep up with shifting expectations. From referral management to call center services, and the emergence of retail clinics, our top blogs of 2022 cover a wide range of topics.

Here are the 10 top blogs of 2022:


Three Creative Ways to Raise Awareness for Mental Health Month

Mental health is increasingly important, and providers can deploy creative patient engagement strategies to boost awareness and decrease the stigma surrounding mental illness. This blog discusses how providers can borrow inspiration from brands outside of the healthcare space, reference trending topics, and connect with patients outside of care settings.


5 Medical Call Center Services You Never Thought to Outsource

Healthcare call centers answer patient questions, schedule appointments, and make referrals, but many clinics may be under-utilizing these capabilities. Medical call centers can help clinics elevate the personalized, human touch that creates an impeccable patient experience. This blog details some of the lesser-known call services that add value, such as PCP recapture, open enrollment hotlines, and telehealth assistance.


3 Consequences of Poor Patient Referral Management

Quality health outcomes depend upon patients’ adherence to treatment plans, but referrals to specialists can make for stressful transitions. A strong referral management process ensures patients get the care they need, even during an escalation of care or change in diagnosis. Poor referral management leads to worsened patient outcomes, lost revenue, and lower staff efficiency.


Four Patient Engagement Strategies to Engage Patients Struggling with Mental Health Conditions

Innovative patient engagement strategies can help you connect patients to the right resources and support for mental health conditions. The COVID-19 pandemic increased the prevalence of issues such as anxiety and depression, causing more people to seek mental health services. This blog covers strategies to boost engagement with patients struggling with mental health, including building trust through communication, offering wellness classes, and connecting with the community.


10 Ways to Promote Your Patient Scheduling System in Your Marketing Strategy

Online scheduling is a crucial tool for patient acquisition, but savvy marketing will drive healthcare consumers to your website. From how to promote online scheduling to making it easy for patients to schedule appointments, this blog outlines effective marketing techniques to create a winning patient experience.


Patient Engagement Strategies to Help Your Health System Recoup Lost Revenue

In 2020, the pandemic necessitated appointment cancellations for social distancing, which resulted in substantial lost revenue for many hospital systems. This blog highlights how providers can recover from the lingering financial effects of the pandemic by continuing to offer virtual visits, post-discharge follow-up and scheduling, reducing no-shows with text message reminders, and more.


Outsource Medical Call Center Calls to Improve Operational Efficiency

Many healthcare organizations can solve some of their most substantial challenges by outsourcing specific types of calls to a trusted medical call center service. This blog dives into the types of calls Stericycle’s highly trained agents can take, including external and internal calls, so your staff members can focus on top priorities while maintaining operational efficiency.


Four Strategies to Beat Retail Clinics in the Battle for Patient Experience

Retail clinics and non-traditional healthcare settings are gaining popularity, as they offer lower prices and quicker care options. However, they struggle to build trust and empathy with healthcare consumers. Traditional health systems have an opportunity to improve patient experience with online scheduling, personalized communications, efficient referral management processes, and more.


Creating and Maintaining Patient Engagement by Understanding Patients’ Needs

Compared to other consumer-facing industries, healthcare has been slower to offer technology that enables patients to schedule appointments, find specialists, and meet with doctors. While the pandemic accelerated adoption, providers still have potential to build trust with their patients and boost engagement. Using the right communication channel at the right time, offering multiple ways to schedule appointments, and avoiding long wait times can improve patient experience.


What Health Systems Should Do to Address the Current Nursing Shortage & Burnout

Although nursing shortages and burnout existed long before the pandemic, U.S. health systems have experienced unprecedented levels of compassion fatigue and high turnover rates in the past two years. This blog describes what can be done to combat the nursing shortage, including competitive salaries and benefits, providing support for staff, and building community through a focus on wellness.

More changes for healthcare are ahead in 2023, as well as new opportunities to boost patient engagement and improve patient experience. Subscribe to our blog to stay up-to-date on the latest healthcare news in 2023 and beyond.

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