Patient Survey Results: How Evolving Patient Preferences Are Impacting Health Systems

November 18, 2021 | Stericycle Communication Solutions

Our second U.S. Consumer Trends in Patient Engagement Survey captures a pivotal moment in time when consumers, hospitals, and health systems nationwide were optimistic about COVID-19 vaccines and a possible end to the pandemic. The survey aimed to understand how the evolving health crisis affected U.S. healthcare consumer behaviors and attitudes regarding their patient experience. 

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Patient Survey 2021: Evolving Preferences and Expectations

Using an independent third party, we conducted a patient survey of more than 500 healthcare consumers across the United States from a range of demographic backgrounds. Our report sheds light on the current high and low points in the patient journey and how evolving consumer preferences and expectations are impacting health systems today. Here is an overview of some of our key findings from our latest U.S. Consumer Trends in Patient Engagement Survey.

Patient Trust in Their Healthcare Partners is High

The pandemic has made it clear that — now more than ever — healthcare consumers need trusted partners in managing their health, and this was reflected in our patient survey. The more patients engage with their providers and health systems, building trust and deepening relationships, the better their health literacy, satisfaction, and outcomes.

Do you trust the information your provider shares with you on public health issues?

do you trust information your health provider shares

Hybrid Care Adoption Continue to Grow 

Our patient survey shows that the hybrid care model has become increasingly popular in the past 12 months due to the convenience of telemedicine visits combined with in-person care when needed, as patients feel more comfortable resuming traditional on-site care. While technology such as telemedicine was a saving grace for many during the pandemic, confusing technology experiences and language barriers were also roadblocks for accessing care for some patients.

Why did you choose a telemedicine visit?

why choose telemedicine visit

Good Communication Drives Patient Action and Adherence

Like the hybrid care model, effectively communicating with patients in the right channel at the right time to drive action and adherence requires a hybrid of digital and voice approaches. Our patient survey determines that it is key to use the most appropriate communication strategy based on the type of message, urgency, importance, call to action, and patient need.

Which channel of communication from your primary healthcare provider(s) are you most likely to respond to?

which communication channel are you likely to respond to

Patient-Friendly Scheduling Drives Satisfaction and Access

The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation in healthcare, and today’s healthcare consumers are raising their expectations when it comes to the patient experience. Many health systems are investing in online scheduling programs to stand out and enable patients to self-schedule. However, our study found that while more than half of patients are satisfied with their scheduling experience, it continues to be a point of friction in the patient journey.

Why were you somewhat or not satisfied with your scheduling experience?

not satisfied with scheduling experience

ER and Home Health Care Visits Are on the Rise

As healthcare systems prepare for future patient engagement needs and continue transitioning to hybrid care, it’s important to understand the usage of emergency room (ER) and home health services. To address this, we introduced a new line of questions in this year’s patient survey reporting on both types of healthcare services.

In the past 12 months, have you received care in an emergency room setting?

received emergency room care

As health systems prepare their strategies for what’s next, brace for increasing competition, and plan for higher demand from postponed services, this report can help them learn from patient experiences over the past 12 months. Download our 2021 U.S. Consumer Trends in Patient Engagement Survey report to gain access to all the insights.

2021 Stericycle Communication Solutions U.S. Consumer Trends in Patient Engagement Survey. Download The Report.

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