11 Strategies to Optimize Your Patient Scheduling System

October 14, 2021 | Stericycle Communication Solutions

digital health awards spring 2022 silver winnerA Patient Scheduling System is Key for Healthcare Organizations

In an increasingly technology-driven world, today’s healthcare consumers want convenience, choice, and control when accessing care. Your healthcare organization needs an efficient and effective way to acquire patients and direct them to the right provider and venue of care at the right time. A patient scheduling system like Stericycle Intelligent Scheduling meets patients’ expectations for convenient self-service while helping healthcare organizations improve their operational efficiency.

Learn how Stericycle Intelligent Scheduling provides scheduling solutions for  every patient population and venue of care. 

Here are eleven strategies for optimizing the impact of Stericycle's patient scheduling system including various uses and features that help health systems and providers attract new patients, retain existing ones, fill schedules, and improve access to care.


Win the Search Engine Race

In looking to win new patients, our Intelligent Scheduling solution is one of your health system’s best digital tools. Stericycle’s managed digital services team provides a complimentary review of your website and consultation on how to improve your online strategies, helping you win the search engine race against other competitors. We help strategically place scheduling assets on your website, drawing patients’ attention and improving your conversion rates.


Streamline Patient Scheduling and Registration

Intelligent Scheduling, patients can register, schedule and checkout online in less than two minutes. With very few pieces of information needed, non-emergent patients can mini-register and hold a spot in line without having to talk through a laundry list of symptoms before they arrive. When patients arrive, they can be expedited through triage and directed to their treatment space, saving time upfront and lessening the wait.


Encourage Patients to Schedule Preventative and Elective Appointments

Most patients delayed care over the past year or so; therefore, it’s crucial for your health system to reach out to patients and reengage them in routine care. With Intelligent Scheduling, you can load your outpatient inventory (e.g., colonoscopy, mammograms, and other preventative care tests) and reattract patients with digital ads and URLs or send a shortened URL via text message, informing patients to self-schedule online or by phone.


Patients can Schedule Appointments 24/7/365

Patients don’t just get sick when doctors’ offices are open. With Intelligent Scheduling, your scheduling department is available around the clock. Busy patients—most often moms--who manage the care for themselves, their spouse or significant other, their kids, and their parents can get that appointment scheduled at 9 p.m. or 3 a.m. with a few clicks on their mobile device or with live voice scheduling.


Effectively Pause Schedules

What happens if you can’t handle extra patients because your PA called in sick on your busiest day? With a single click of a button, you can block or pause the schedule for up to 240 minutes. Additionally, suppose your emergency department is suddenly flooded with patients who are at higher triage levels. In that case, you can use Stericycle Intelligent Scheduling to automatically notify non-emergent patients with new projected treatment times, improving their experience and their overall satisfaction.


Acquire and Retain Patients in Network

New patients often enter the health system through the emergency or urgent care department and don’t have a primary care physician. You can integrate our Intelligent Scheduling solution with the schedules of affiliated providers and recapture those patients for non-emergent and primary care. This adds revenue by keeping them in network while also helping keep them out of one of the busiest and most expensive venues of care.


Automate Patient Reminders and Rebooking

Even if you heavily remind patients of their appointment, there are inevitable no-shows. When integrated with Stericycle Communication & Reminders, our Intelligent Scheduling solution can send booking notifications through our automated outreach tool, reminding patients of their appointment. If the patient doesn’t show, the system can send a notification to say, “Hey, we see that you missed your appointment.” The no-show notification can include a shortened code or bit.ly link to the actual schedule to facilitate faster rebooking.


Enhance the Pre-Arrival Process

Imagine a local nursing home has an elderly patient who needs evaluation after falling out of bed. The patient needs to head to the hospital, but you don’t want to have them waiting or entering the facility without details of their injuries, prior medical history, and other pertinent information. With Stericycle Intelligent Scheduling, you can notify the emergency or radiology departments about the patients’ impending arrivals, review their medical history prior to treatment, and offer a positive patient experience.


Create a Virtual Waiting Room

The pandemic made virtual waiting rooms the new norm, but it’s something that’s here to stay. Our Intelligent Scheduling solution helps providers deliver a virtual waiting room by allowing patients to check in online for non-life-threatening emergency and urgent care visits. Patients can then wait at home or nearby to receive arrival instructions and wait time information.


Fill In-Person and Virtual Classes

Health education can help improve health outcomes and simultaneously reduce costs and increase reimbursement. Whether it’s online information, classes, or an in-person group dedicated to specific populations or communities, health systems can use our Intelligent Scheduling solution to fill seats in their health classes, allowing patients and care teams to search by location, topic, and more.


Drive Post-Discharge Adherence

If a patient walks out of the emergency department with their follow-up appointment scheduled, they are more likely to show up to their appointment and see an affiliated provider. Our Intelligent Scheduling solution can help proactively schedule follow-up appointments by sending patients a link to self-schedule or a phone number for live voice scheduling. Plus, we can help fill appointments by nearest availability – either by time or location – and send email and text message reminders before their care episode.

Patient Scheduling Systems Satisfy Consumers and Streamlines Provider Operations

As health systems continue to improve the patient experience, utilizing an online scheduling solution represents a clear opportunity to meet increasing consumer demand. To learn more about the benefits that our Intelligent Scheduling solution provides to both patients and provides, visit this webpage, or you can contact us to schedule a demo.

stericycle intelligent scheduling combines technology and live voice services for the modern patient experience


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