Medical Call Center Allows Staff to Focus on Patient Needs: A Case Study

September 16, 2021 | Stericycle Communication Solutions

How would you handle canceling thousands of appointments then rescheduling them for the future without losing any patients or disrupting their continuity of care? This is the challenge that a major west coast academic medical center faced.

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Responding to these complex challenges quickly and with minimal impact on patients was the goal for this large west coast academic medical center's radiology department. For more than a decade, the department has partnered with Stericycle Communication Solutions to handle inbound and outbound appointment scheduling for the group's diagnostic radiology practices across 25 locations. When this new challenge arose, the radiology department once again turned to us to manage its medical call center services.

First Challenge: Ensuring Quality Patient Communication Over the Phone

During the pandemic, the number of inbound calls for this medical center's radiology department increased. The radiology team needed to quickly ensure that the front-desk staff was not overwhelmed with answering calls while simultaneously handling more urgent in-person patient interactions.

The Solution: Stericycle's Medical Call Center Supports Front Desk Staff

To provide relief for its front desk staff at its independent diagnostic testing facilities, the radiology department turned to our medical call center solution to handle all incoming calls --not just those for appointment scheduling.

We not only received all incoming calls but handled most of them as well. This included patient needs and questions that the front desk staff previously handled, such as giving directions, transferring calls to the appropriate staff, providing hours of operation, and more.

Second Challenge: Postponing Appointments

When the pandemic began, the medical center faced the same situation most other healthcare organizations were confronting across the country—postponing non-critical or routine care. However, the radiology department knew that patient safety must come first and decided to put scheduled screenings on hold for several months.

The Solution: Stericycle's Medical Call Center Rescheduled Appointments

The medical center's leadership turned to us for help to communicate with patients about postponing their appointments. Utilizing our Health & Wellness Campaigns, we were able to quickly notify patients that their radiology appointments were going to be postponed. To retain revenue and maintain patient care, the campaign also included plans to reschedule appointments as soon as it was safe to do so.

Within two and a half months, the radiology clinics started to safely reopen for screenings. Our medical call center agents then began making outbound calls to reschedule those patients from the initial outreach. To learn more about how the outbound call campaign successfully rescheduled appointments, retained patients, and relieved staff burden, download our case study: A Leading Medical Academic Center.

Learn how we help a client reschedule thousands of appointments and keep patients in their health system. Download The Case Study.

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