Beyond Reminders: Leveraging Patient Engagement Platforms for Employee Communications

July 14, 2020 | Stericycle Communication Solutions

Leveraging engagement platforms for effective patient communication is quite popular, but have you ever thought about other ways patient engagement solutions can serve your health system? Why not use these same platforms to deliver employee communications?

As this year's coronavirus crisis turned into a global pandemic that created unprecedented consequences and communications challenges, the amount of information circulating not only grew exponentially, but changed on a daily — and sometimes, hourly—basis. Health systems set up "command centers" to develop processes and communications systems to quickly reach out to employees with accurate information and guidance.

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100% of health executives agree

Seriously, how often does that happen? A September 2019 survey of executives at top U.S. health networks revealed that 100% of respondents believe that employee engagement is a priority of their network, according to Becker's Hospital Review. And that was before the Covid-19 crisis.

Health network survey participants also ranked the top three ways executives chose to connect with staff, in order: email, intranet, and video, while indicating that most communicate with employees at least once a day. And again, that was before the latest crisis.

One communication channel is not enough

Any smart communicator knows that successful processes must account for the reality that different people have different preferred modes of communication.

From quick SMS messaging on high priority updates such as new safety guidelines and emergency disaster procedures to email and voice standard scheduling reminders, health systems are seeking capabilities to keep team members up-to-date and engaged in their work and further improve patient care.

Solutions such as Stericycle Communications & Reminders can help transform your employee communications. Your human resources or internal communications teams can customize the system to pull in updated staff rosters and instantly contacting workers through various modes of communication: work, home and mobile phones; e-mail addresses; and texts. Employees can respond to any of the notifications, and the system helps you quickly identify and triage responses.

Employee engagement directly impacts patient care

Effective employee communication is not only important for staff to be prepared, but it also directly impacts patient care. Studies have shown that healthcare employee engagement is a top variable having direct impact on patient mortality and safety, on the job accidents, clinical outcomes, and staff absenteeism and turnover.

Having a consistent, reliable way to reach employees with timely information can be invaluable to health organizations no matter the season. Whether it's a system to provide updates to prospects and new hires for talent acquisition or orientation and scheduling or furlough updates and crisis communications, health systems are looking to stay on top of important operational communications and engage team members through regular updates and proactive outreach.

While many companies naturally direct their energies outward, more health systems are realizing that communicating quickly, often, and well with internal audiences is equally important. If you're one of those systems seeking to improve your employee engagement and communications, check out our Communications & Reminders solution to learn how Stericycle can help.


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