How To Move The Needle On Patient Acquisition: Steps To Take Now

March 12, 2020 | Stericycle Communication Solutions

OK, let's say that you've invested in solutions to deliver convenient appointment booking and outstanding service for answering patient questions. Your team actively maintains a robust website and attractive social media pages to engage healthcare customers. Your online pipeline reliably sends referrals to your providers. All this works together to make a great first impression on prospective patients. You've done all you can do, right?

Given how quickly things evolve and with all the communications channels to manage, are you sure that you've explored all the ways to expand your health system's visibility to healthcare consumers? Are you current with the latest digital solutions that maximize the potential for patient acquisition? Let's take a look at a few strategies that support converting potential customers to patients—enhancing what you already have in place.

Boost your social media presence

Most patients start their journey online, often trying to self-diagnose their back pain or cold symptoms on WebMD or Healthline. As prospects look for a provider, your broad online presence should capture their interest. Boost your good name using frequent educational and information posts on social media, and Facebook and Instagram in particular, to attract new patients as they click to gain information on your business and providers.

Referrals and recommendations are priceless

Online traffic is essential to increasing your patient acquisition. Healthcare consumers who were referred or recommended to you should see your online brand working in tandem with your business purpose and positive reputation. When that happens, they are more inclined to start a relationship and build trust in your providers and health system for the care they seek.

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps patients quickly become engaged with your business. Ensure your SEO is strong with regular assessments, checking where links to your site originate, for consistently high-quality content and on ways you engage consumers.

It can feel impossible to track the reviews and comments posted on so many platforms—your website, Google, Facebook, and Nextdoor are some of the most common ones. Stericycle's partnership with Podium, an interaction management tool, simplifies the process by collecting and centralizing all messages from all platforms into a single inbox, making it easier for staff to manage consolidated views.

With Podium, managing recommendations and comments from posters is convenient work for one person or a team. Timelier responses demonstrate your commitment to better patient experiences.

Searching for—and finding--the right answers = yours!

As healthcare consumers search, their queries mimic their healthcare conversations with a mix of complex phrases and everyday speech. Stericycle's new partnership with Yext helps organizations attract and convert new patients by making your providers more discoverable in digital searches.

Plus, Stericycle's InQuicker is a self-scheduling solution that integrates your providers and locations and that facilitates online scheduling directly in search-ready landing pages. Helping patients schedule appointments at an exact time with the right provider at a specific care location—will speed their journey to your doorstep. 

Put the customer experience at the heart of your business

While the ways customers search and interact with providers continually evolve, prospective patient interactions must keep pace. Maintaining a commitment to customer service should be foremost in the mindset of your staff. When patients have a positive, convenient experience—be it digitally or on the phone—they are more like to book an appointment and to tell others. As new technologies are added, implement them in ways that strengthen your organization, support your business and grow your patient base.

Make an ongoing commitment to integration

Evaluating how your platforms, channels, tools and staff work together will help you acquire new patients and enhance your brand during the patient journey. Integration and automation are essential to your success and require regular review.

Stericycle's Communication Solutions team is happy to consult with you on innovative digital tools to complement and optimize your current patient acquisition strategies. 

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