How Health Systems Can Get Today’s Healthcare Consumers to Choose and Engage With Their Brand

August 12, 2021 | Stericycle Communication Solutions

Today's healthcare consumers have endless options for care, especially with non-traditional healthcare players entering the marketplace. With all these options, retaining your current patients and attracting new ones will require a lot of time, effort, and financial investment. So, what is your plan to ensure patients continuously engage and choose your health system?


In our latest podcast episode with Jared Johnson, founder of Shift.Health Content Network and host of the Healthcare Rap Podcast, discusses how health systems can get patients to choose and engage with their brands.

Here's an overview of the questions we asked in our discussion with Jared:

  • There's no doubt that the pandemic has altered how patients interact with providers. What do you feel is the biggest mistake health systems are making today in terms of patient engagement?
  • What do health systems need to do differently to engage patients?
  • As today's healthcare consumers continue to expect more from their healthcare providers, what strategies or technology do you believe are crucial for health systems to keep patients loyal to their system?

Hear Jared's insights and learn strategies that will help you successfully engage patients by listening to the podcast episode, "How To Get Patients To Choose And Engage With Your Brand."

Health systems will need to constantly revisit their patient engagement strategies to ensure they engage patients and keep them loyal. Health systems that fail to do so will lose to those non-traditional healthcare players. If you enjoy listening to our podcast episode with Jared, be sure to subscribe to our podcast on the following platforms:

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