Building A Successful Digital Front Door Strategy

July 15, 2021 | Stericycle Communication Solutions

Digital transformations to the patient journey were well underway before COVID-19 due to industry disruptors who have redefined how consumers interact with brands. These companies have created exceptional end-to-end digital experiences that today’s consumers now expect from everyone—even their healthcare providers.


One positive from the pandemic is that it accelerated healthcare’s digital transformation and laid the foundation for long-term changes in care delivery. The acceleration is especially evident in healthcare providers’ need for a digital front door.

In our recent podcast episode with Daniel Ruyter, Corporate Director of Digital Strategy at Orlando Health, we discuss not only healthcare’s digital front door but the importance of building a digital strategy across the entire patient journey.

Here’s an overview of the questions we asked in our discussion with Daniel:

  • What is a digital front door?
  • Why is it crucial for health systems to have a digital front door strategy?
  • How do providers reimagine the patient experience to create a strong digital CX ecosystem?
  • What are key areas that health systems should focus on as they build or revisit their digital strategy?

Hear what Daniel had to say and learn how you can develop an effective digital front door strategy by listening to our podcast, “Creating a Successful Digital Patient Experience Strategy.”

If you’re not thinking about your digital front door or digital strategy, you should be. Those that don’t develop a successful digital strategy now will be left behind as healthcare continues to become more and more consumer-centric. If you enjoy listening to our podcast episode with Daniel, be sure to subscribe to our podcast on the following platforms:

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