Avoid Readmission Penalties with a Streamlined Post-Discharge Process

November 13, 2019 | Stericycle Communication Solutions

On October 1, 2019, Medicare penalized 2,583 hospitals for having too many Medicare patients readmitted within 30 days, costing hospitals $563 million.

Although organizations are doing what they can to reduce readmissions, many are still falling short. Medicare is encouraging healthcare organizations and hospitals to put a focus on how their patients recover, follow medication instructions, and book follow-up appointments, but many are finding it hard to find the time to do so.

We all know that exceptional service goes far beyond a patient's appointment; it ensures the quality of their experience after they have departed your office. But it isn't always easy. While providing a discharge process that includes follow-up care, requesting feedback about patient satisfaction, and offering other services can create a positive experience and reduce readmissions, it is quite time-consuming Investing in a streamlined post-discharge process not only adds additional personal touch points, but it can also directly reduce your readmissions and identify potential areas of improvement. Did you know that a post-discharge process including post-discharge follow-up calls can reduce 30-day hospital readmissions rates by 47.7 percent!

We can help! Our services help you facilitate your brand's effort to continually provide the best possible service to your patient's while ultimately:

  • Encourages post-discharge compliance
  • Protects patient health
  • Prevents readmissions and repeat visits
  • Evaluates service performance
  • Accesses call data and reporting
  • Measures efficacy of patient pain control
  • Reinforces positive experiences
  • Identifies and addresses problem areas

Our Post-Discharge Services

  • Provide clinical and non-clinical outreach 24-48 hours after patient discharge
  • Gauge discharge compliance and offer proper escalation process for patients needing immediate attention
  • Track patient and physician follow-up compliance and compare with care plan recommendations
  • Access real-time reporting and call data to evaluate service performance and areas for improvement

Our post-discharge services have helped thousands of organizations lower readmissions and improve HCAHPS scores, while offering consistent follow-up services and exponential value.

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