5 Patient Text Messages You Should Be Sending

September 1, 2022 | Stericycle Communication Solutions

Engaging with patients along their care journey is critically important to drive access, action, and adherence. Most healthcare systems today communicate with patients across a variety of channels, including automated text, email, professionally recorded voice, and live agent messages for appointment reminders, billing reminders, preparation instructions, broadcast messages, and more. Yet, capturing the attention of your patients and inducing action can still be a real challenge, so we thought it would be helpful to share some of the most innovative patient engagement strategies our clients have developed while using the Stericycle Communication & Reminders solution.

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5 simple text messages to delight patients and staff:

Patient Rescheduling Text Message Example

Rescheduling Texts after Appointment No-shows and Cancelations

Rebooking cancellations and no-shows are critical to recouping revenue and essential for patient health. That's why our clients send text messages to their patients AFTER cancelations and no-shows with links to their online scheduling pages or phone number to facilitate rebooking appointments.

Patient Referral Reminder Text Message Example

Patient Referral Reminders and Scheduling Texts

Referrals can be a stressful transition for patients and time-consuming for staff. Using automated text reminders is an easy way to close the referral loop and free up staff. Our clients send their patients text reminders for referrals and include a phone number or links to schedule the appointment online for ease of use and improved conversion.


Virtual Waiting Room Text Reminders and Check-in Messages

Virtual waiting rooms are the new norm for health systems during COVID-19, and interactive texting is an important tool to keep patients and providers connected throughout the care journey. Our clients are achieving virtual waiting rooms by sending text messages with waiting room instructions and links to registration and screening forms. These messages are followed by check-in texts that include instructions for unwell patients followed by "the doctor will see you now" texts.

Health System Employee Onboarding Text Message Example

Onboarding and Communications for Healthcare Staff

Staffing and keeping employees updated on policies and procedures is a big task for any healthcare organization. On demand text messages give our clients the ability to guide staff through onboarding, safety measures, policy changes, and more.

Inpatient Communication Text Message Example

Easy Inpatient Communications

When patients arrive onsite, it's especially important to stay engaged with them during their visit and navigation through your health system. Consider using instructional text messages to send links to maps and services available at your location such as the registration area, cafeteria, waiting rooms, and restrooms. If a patient is having surgery, send surgery updates to a designated family member or friend to keep them informed throughout the procedure. You can even provide short code texts that give patients answers to their frequently asked questions, including what is on the menu in the cafeteria today.

This year will be remembered for many things, including ushering in innovation and out-of-the-box thinking across the healthcare industry. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to support our clients with innovative patient engagement strategies through our Communication & Reminders solution. To learn more ways to engage your patients in the new year, check out our Communication & Reminders Solution Guide, which includes 11 strategies to optimize patient action and adherence.

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