Patient Expectations Have Changed, So We Improved The Patient Experience.

October 22, 2020 | Stericycle Communication Solutions

The need for efficient patient scheduling has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic as elective procedure backlogs and delayed medical visits have caused an overflow in patients needing care – not to mention, the added desire for virtual visits and patient education programs to keep patients engaged throughout their care journey. Due to increased service demand and changing patient expectations, we have made significant investments to our best-in-class Intelligent Scheduling solution, powered by our InQuickerTM scheduling technology.  Check out our latest updates designed to help health systems enhance patient satisfaction and improve access to care.

Learn how to optimize our Intelligent Scheduling Solution

Get Patients into the Right Care at the Right Time

Help patients find the right care at the right time with our new educational triage online self-scheduling experience. Educational triage is designed to help health systems manage the challenges presented in value-based care payment arrangements by guiding patients to the right venue of care, based on self-reported symptoms. With this scheduling experience, patients seeking care are presented with the next available appointment options to receive care in the venue that is most appropriate for their symptoms. With intelligent workflows and screen designs, patients with low to moderate acuity ailments can see provider availability in conjunction with urgent care and emergency rooms and book an appointment at the appropriate venue. This helps to keep the cost of care down and free up emergency rooms and staff for critical care.

Book Telehealth Appointments Online

The healthcare industry has seen large growth in the use of telehealth and virtual visits due to the early pandemic response and concerns over patient and provider safety. To meet the growing virtual needs of the industry, we have added telehealth to our online scheduling platform as a venue of care as well as an appointment type. This way, if the patient searching for care has a strong preference for virtual options, they can filter their results to show only those providers offering it. This enhanced filtering provides a better patient experience by reducing the number of clicks to book an appointment.

Attract and Convert Non-English-Speaking Patients

According to a 2020 study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association of more than 134,000 primary care visits, most online patient schedulers are likely to be young, Caucasian, and commercially insured.  One of the most significant findings of the survey was data suggesting that direct scheduling was associated with greater primary care continuity. However, researchers also stated, "To the extent these differences persist as direct scheduling is used more widely, this service may widen socioeconomic disparities in primary care access."  Now, you can support direct scheduling for a more diverse patient population and increase care access and continuity with multi-language support.  In addition to searching for care in their preferred language, healthcare consumers are also able to filter by provider languages spoken, reducing the need for onsite translation services. Today, Stericycle Intelligent Scheduling supports American and British English, Canadian French, and Spanish. Other languages are available upon request.

But it doesn't end there. We've also made significant design updates including:

  • New look and feel: The updated user interface is based on Google's Material Design Language, giving patients an online scheduling experience that's similar to best-in-class ecommerce platforms.
  • Add to Calendar: Easily add appointments to calendars like Gmail, Apple, Yahoo, Outlook, and Calendar file with a single click.
  • Breadcrumbs: A user friendly way for patients to switch between schedules, providers, and search results.
  • Payments: Process patient payments at time of booking, providing a contactless payment experience.

Whether scheduling online or by phone, giving patients the scheduling experience they want for appointments, classes, and events just got a little easier.  Best of all, you can integrate Intelligent Scheduling with other Stericycle patient engagement solutions, including services for reputation management, referral management, communication and reminders, post-discharge, and health and wellness campaigns to modernize the patient experience while maximizing patient outcomes.  But don't take our word for it. See for yourself and schedule a demo, or if still want to learn more about our Intelligent Scheduling Solution, download our Intelligent Scheduling Solution Guide.

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